Sunday, April 11, 2010

"... You do something to me that I can't explain..."

Pet peeve:

People who slop coffee and cream all over the milk/creamer counter at coffee shops and then don't wipe up after themselves.

Seriously? There are napkins right there nex
t to the stirrers and sugar packets you just used. Pick up a napkin, wipe up the mess you created and be on your way.

The irritation I feel about these people is so irrationally, fiery hot. And what's worse is that *I* then feel compelled to wipe up the mess if they don't!

The baristas and I are not your maids, Pigpens!

I think to myself every time I see this happen: "What would your mother think?" Although, maybe their mothers always cleaned up every spill they ever made which would make sense given that as adults, these people still expect someone else to clean up their messes.

Have a happy, slop-free Sunday everyone!

By the way, it's daffodil season in Pittsburgh!