Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"...ah don't you believe we're on the eve of distruction..."

Twitter is destroying my urge to blog.

Do you tweet, dear readers? (if I have any left!)

It's an odd thing, that Twitter. You can say anything, any time to anyone. I don't hold on to bits of stories and turn them into blog posts anymore. I just tweet away all day long and by the time I get home at night, there's nothing left to talk about!

I miss blogging, though. There's something nice about being able to type more than 140 characters to tell a story.

All is well in PT world. Jason is off on his annual trip to Moab (he'll be back Sunday - and not a moment too soon. My heart is aching to be with him.) Sara is graduating from Law School in May. And yours truly got a fairly impressive promotion at work starting July 1.

And it's going to be like, 80 freaking degrees in Pittsburgh on Friday! That alone is worth this post.

I miss you guys. Are you still out there?



Tauhid said...


Welcome back! What's your twitter? I'd like to follow you if you're alright with that!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

Hiya! I'm still here! I so know what you mean. I don't want to tweet repeat in my blog, but sometimes, you just gotta.

Missed You!