Sunday, April 11, 2010

"... You do something to me that I can't explain..."

Pet peeve:

People who slop coffee and cream all over the milk/creamer counter at coffee shops and then don't wipe up after themselves.

Seriously? There are napkins right there nex
t to the stirrers and sugar packets you just used. Pick up a napkin, wipe up the mess you created and be on your way.

The irritation I feel about these people is so irrationally, fiery hot. And what's worse is that *I* then feel compelled to wipe up the mess if they don't!

The baristas and I are not your maids, Pigpens!

I think to myself every time I see this happen: "What would your mother think?" Although, maybe their mothers always cleaned up every spill they ever made which would make sense given that as adults, these people still expect someone else to clean up their messes.

Have a happy, slop-free Sunday everyone!

By the way, it's daffodil season in Pittsburgh!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"...ah don't you believe we're on the eve of distruction..."

Twitter is destroying my urge to blog.

Do you tweet, dear readers? (if I have any left!)

It's an odd thing, that Twitter. You can say anything, any time to anyone. I don't hold on to bits of stories and turn them into blog posts anymore. I just tweet away all day long and by the time I get home at night, there's nothing left to talk about!

I miss blogging, though. There's something nice about being able to type more than 140 characters to tell a story.

All is well in PT world. Jason is off on his annual trip to Moab (he'll be back Sunday - and not a moment too soon. My heart is aching to be with him.) Sara is graduating from Law School in May. And yours truly got a fairly impressive promotion at work starting July 1.

And it's going to be like, 80 freaking degrees in Pittsburgh on Friday! That alone is worth this post.

I miss you guys. Are you still out there?


Thursday, January 21, 2010

" school dropout, no graduation day for you..."

I'm not sure why I never mentioned it before, but Jason rescued a German Shepherd a couple weeks before Christmas.

The doggie's name is Zeus and he is GINORMOUS. 100 pounds and a little underweight at this point.

Photos really don't do his size justice. But photos do show how gorgeous he is:

On January 5th, he ran after a deer when Jason let him out to tinkle and was missing for 8 days. Those 8 days happened to be the coldest yet in Pgh this winter and Jason and I had visions of poor Zeus freezing to death out in the streets of Pittsburgh.

We canvased neighborhoods with fliers, fielded dozens of phone calls from people who claimed they saw Zeus and held multiple stakeouts in areas he was "last seen."

We were told by naysayers that we weren't going to find him and that since we only had him for a month that we should just get over it. To this, we replied, "But we already love him. He's like our kid." To this, everyone laughed at us.

As it turns out, Zeus found his way back to his original owner (3 miles from Jason's house) who didn't know how to contact us until he saw one of our posters. So Zeusy was actually on this guy's couch eating bon-bons for 7 days while we thought he was dead or well on his way to like, fucking Cleveland or somewhere equally scary.

I don't think I've ever been as relieved about anything my life the way I was last Thursday when Jason called me to tell me he had Zeus in his arms.

Interestingly enough, Jason had the opportunity to talk to Zeus' original owner about Zeus' past.

It turns out Zeus was trained to be a police dog and was actually working with the Pittsburgh Police for 9 months before he flunked out. He was returned to his owner, presumably because he's too sweet and quite honestly just doesn't listen that well. His original owner had, in the meantime, had adopted a rottweiler and didn't have the ability to take care of two huge dogs. So Zeusy got taken to the Animal Rescue League. And then along came Jason and the rest is history.


So that's what's been up with us the past couple of weeks.

Adopting Zeus then losing Zeus and then finding Zeus has made this an unbelievably stressful month.

The losing of Zeus in particular put an enormous strain on Jason and me and our relationship. All we did was cry and sleep. We didn't talk. We didn't touch. We stopped being playful with each other. All we did was wallow in sadness about sweet Zeusy being gone from our lives.

Things have gone back to normal now and clearly we're going to need to work on finding better ways to deal with sad things that happen to us.

So anyway.

Back to your regularly scheduled Peace Turkey. :-)