Sunday, November 22, 2009

" me on the equinox, meet me halfway..."

Last night Jason and I went out to dinner at the Sharp Edge in Pittsburgh's East End.

Sharp Edge is this phenomenal bar/restaurant that has an overwhelming beer list full of beers I do not understand. I'm not a beer fan like Sara and Jason are. I'm more of a wino. But I do like Sharp Edge because it's *such* a foodie restaurant. Amazingly bizarre entrees and salads and soups grace their menu and I'm always drunk (being that I do drink a fancy beer or two and don't handle them well) and stuffed to the gills when the night is over.

But I digress.

We met up with a dozen or so of Jason's friends - the majority of whom have children. One of the couples has a little guy who is a little less than a year old and just unimaginably adorable. Adorable to the point where I can't help but reach for him whenever I see him.

I have yet to be able to hold him for longer than 30 seconds without him screaming bloody murder.

*le sigh*

A few years ago? Wouldn't have phased me. Recently? Makes my ovaries frown and pout.

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