Sunday, November 1, 2009

"...I always looked in through your glasses but all I can see is the specter of me reflected..."

Being that I'm not a huge Halloween costume person and being that I am an optician, I contend that wearing weird glasses is a costume in and of itself (which is why I wear all the weird glasses I do in my everyday life - it's like playing dress up every day!)

At trick or treat last night, Jason and I wore funny glasses while we sat on my front porch to passed out candy.

The specs Jason sported are actually for sale in my store and I must say are actually very popular among the arty and hipster types. And I must say, he is wildly adorable in glasses - even though it kinda looks like he's missing an eyeball in that picture.

The kids all liked him. He got a combination of "It's Where's Waldo!" and "It's Harry Potter!" comments from the little ones.

I on the other hand managed to actually frighten a fair number of kiddles with my glasses...


Marcelle said...

Looks like u both had such fun...was far too cold here in Germany to sit outdoors yesterday.

Susan said...

Mission accomplished! Keeps them out of the candy.

subu said...

love the glasses!! wish i had cool ones like that. :)