Friday, November 6, 2009

" I walked out on the streets of Loredo..."

So I went to Costco the other day (don't judge me - they have really good produce and meat and inexpensive kitty litter.) And I always feel like such a big girl going to places like that because it's such a parent-type thing to do.

So I'm walking through the store (warehouse, whatev) with my cart full of bulk kitty litter and paper towels and 10 pound bags of banana bunches and I saw this:

A display of horses big enough for a toddler to ride!

I immediately snapped a picture and sent it to Sara (who still asks for a pony every year for Christmas and was feeling blue about her recent breakup.)

I'm generally the type of gal who loves being a grown up and all of the lovely things that go with it - ordering a glass of wine with dinner, buying my own clothes, staying up late, eating cereal for dinner, having a committed relationship, etc etc.

But seeing that pony at Costco made me wistful. And it made me miss my parents (who I do get to see every couple of weeks, at least.) And it made me miss being a little girl.

And when I was sure none of the parent-types who were there at Costco with me were looking, I walked up to the pony and patted his head.


Hillary said...

I love Costco. I feel like a grownup when I'm shopping there but then I realize how much junkfood I'm buying and that feeling quickly disappears.

Marcelle said...

Don't know Costco as live in Germany ( from South Africa )
But I did go ahhhhhhhhhhh, when reading your post.

subu said...

i would have patted the pony's head too.