Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"...throw our caution to the wind and just do as we please..."

I've been going to the gym alot, trying to build the habit again.

One complaint I have about my gym is that there isn't a good space to lay down a mat and bust out the ab workout du jour.

So yesterday when I went to Jason's after the gym, I forced myself to do my ab and core routine.

Now flopping around on the floor in the gym like a big old beached tunafish doing crunches and bicycle legs is one thing. Those people at the gym are strangers and I've gotten my "fuck you, stare at me if you dare" attitude back so I could give a cannoli less about them.

Doing it in front of someone you are intimate with is something else entirely.

Some couples like to pretend their partner doesn't poop. I like to pretend that Jason doesn't see my lower abdomen fat layer. And doing ab and core work in front of him last night in an effort to get back into the routine was one of the most emotionally taxing things I've ever experienced.

And that's really saying something, friends.

That being said, I forced Jason to join me in my last exercise which I call " 'bows and toes." See what you do is brace yourself on your toes and forearms and elbows and hold the plank position for a designated period of time using your abdominal muscles to keep yourself in position.

I do the 'bows and toes position for one minute at a time as many times as I physically can.

It doesn't sound hard but it's punishing and it SHREDS your abs. Like, results in a month SHRED. It's a good move.

So I figured Jason's punishment for sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and watching me flop around like the aforementioned tunafish was to make him join me for the last minute of 'bows and toes.

And his fit and trim cyclist's body was begging for mercy as the 10 second countdown began.

Victory is mine.

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