Thursday, July 9, 2009

"....when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me..."

My poor blog is getting to be so neglected.


It's been a rough week.

I had a little existential crisis Tuesday night that involved alot of weepiness and emo-riffic bleatings like "But nothing I do matters!" and "I'm not making the world a better place!"

I had had a particularly vile day at work and, just to add to that fun, my period had started earlier that afternoon.

Were it not for the quiet strength of Jason, I don't know that I would have calmed down enough that night to sleep.

It's nice to have someone to just hold you and rub your head when you're being irrationally emotional. At this point in our relationship, he knows there's nothing he can say to stop my mind from racing with ridiculous thoughts from time to time. He knows I, like everyone, just has to let those dark thoughts out sometimes so I can get passed the negativity.

On Saturday, Jason and I will have been together for a year. It feels both like the blink of an eye and like a lifetime that we have been together. It has been hard and easy, complicated and simple, fragile and strong...

...More than anything it has been loving and healthy and gentle.

Below is my favorite picture of us, taken at the opening party of one of my company's new shops.


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