Sunday, June 14, 2009

"...I can only tell you what I know, that I need you in my life..."

I've been completely neglecting my blog and my blog reading list this week. And I've missed my blog and my blog friends! Hi everyone!

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. Helllooooo 5 days off from work! Helllooooo 5 days in Hilton Head! The only thing that would make it better is if Jason were coming with me. I'm going to miss him. (Sidenote: Can I just say how nice it's going to be to have him drop me off at and scoop me up from the airport? I've never had that before. Any time I've gone on vacation in the past few years, my family has already been at the destination and I fly down to meet them if I can get the time off which means I get myself to and from the airport via public transportation. No help with bags. No kiss goodbye. But not this time around!)

Anywho. A stressful work week and some fun social things have kept me busy.

Friday night, Fashionista0921 and I went to the Urban Garden Party at the Mattress Factory. The theme was "backstage rocker chic." Since I am not of the mini-skirt wearing variety, I figured I could punk things up by wearing ridiculous makeup.

Behold my eyelashes. (And the horrible blue tile of my bathroom.)

Add in lots of eyeliner, teased hair pulled back in a mess ponytail, slutty red lipstick and voila! Instant street cred.

It was a fun party full of hot people, potato vodka and delicious food from places around the 'Burgh. If any of you non-Pittsburgh-dwelling readers ever visit our fine city of champions, a trip to the Mattress Factory is a must. I love installation art and this place does it really, really well.

Last night Jason and I went to a picnic at the house of friends of ours for dinner and dessert. It was nice to catch up with them and chat and laugh into the wee hours.

That pretty much sums things up. It was nice to have time with friends this week. It has been seriously lacking in my life lately.

And this time tomorrow, I will be cooling my piggies in the sand with my family and the dogs.

Have a good week everyone! Catch you later!

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Susan said...

Did you run off and join the Hilton Head circus?