Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"...all will be well even though sometimes this is hard to tell..."

It is a poopy, rainy day here in Pittsburgh. It really has been raining since the time I opened my eyes this morning.

Three positive things today:

1. It's a slow day here in the store, so I cleaned. A clean store = things looking sparkly and me actually getting exercise during the work day from all the up and down action on the step stool.

2. Jason came by to bring me lunch (grilled cheese on wheat) and then he came back to bring me a snack (fruit on the bottum yogurt.) He's such a good apple.

3. This third thing is a positive, but it's irritating me more than anything. I'm by myself from 10-8 everyday in the store, which means when I have to pee, I have to put a sign on the door that says "back in a moment" and lock the door. And since I've upped my water intake as of late to stay hydrated since I'm running more, I pee like, 5 times during the work day. Doing the "I gotta pee" prance to the front of the store to put up the sign and lock the door and do the prance to the back of the store to go pee is like a 5k when I have to tinkle!



Happy Hump Day!

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