Friday, May 29, 2009

"...we'll run away together, we'll spend some time forever..."

Our little jaunt to the Laurel Highlands was lovely.

It was peaceful and quiet.

We sat on a porch swing and drank coffee.

We hiked in the woods in Ohiopyle.

We visited Fallingwater.

We got drunk at a brewery in Deep Creek, MD while watching the Penguins win the Eastern Conference Championship. We were the only people there.

For breakfast, I had my first ever sausage and country gravy over biscuits. Jason was in disbelief that I'd never had this delicacy before. ("Are you kidding? WHY?") I had my reservations but it was delicious and honestly, I'll eat anything he cooks for me.

The more I'm with Jason, the more I realize how much quiet moments mean to me. A usual vacation for me involves running around from morning til night and being dog-tired when I get back home.

Now I realize that I can actually just laze around for three days and be just as happy. I wasn't even (that) panicky that there wasn't cell phone reception where we stayed Wednesday night. I WAS OFF THE GRID FOR 14 HRS AND SURVIVED!



Fearless in Toronto said...

Congratulations to being off the grid...that concept scares me more than a little. It does sound lovely, though.

Peace Turkey said...

It was totally scary at first! If I wasn't with my special person, it would have been awful.

Julie said...

It really is in the quiet moments where your smile is at its loudest.

I'm so glad that you're in the same boat I am... it's the most amazing place to be.

Thanks for "getting" me. I'm so happy for you too!