Sunday, May 24, 2009

"...let the pious rise above, we'll go down in our sweet love..."

Jason and I are finally going away for a few days. I'm working today and tomorrow (Happy Memorial Day!) and I'll be off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It feels so decadent.

And I'm really excited to be taking a little trip. It's nothing big - just a short jaunt to a friend's cabin by Fallingwater. Mostly the Fallingwater house tour and some vineyard tours are the only thing on the menu, aside from lots of sleep and runs by the lake and late mornings in bed.

But I'm also terrified about being away from work. I haven't taken time off in over a year. I definately need it but there's a horrible fear I have that like, I'm going to get a "YOU SCREWED UP! GET BACK HERE NOW OR YOU'RE FIRED!" phone call from the powers that be.

Jason made a good point when I expressed these fears to him:

"Well, you shouldn't worry. You have all of your things done. And besides, the cabin is completely out of cell phone range for AT&T customers. So they can try to call you all they want while you're off. Your phone will never ring."


::PT dances around like the Peanuts characters in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special::

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