Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"...it was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin'-purple-people-eater..."

Let me just say that my outfit this morning is a hot mess. In a really, terribly bad way.

Let's just do a head-to-toe rundown of what I'm wearing...

Huge square silver filiagree earrings, I'm talking 2inches in diameter (in addition to the 2nd and 3rd whole earrings I always have on.) Huge silver Barton Perreira sunglasses on my head. Pink Cardigan over a white dress and black leggings. Ginormous silver and druzy stone ring on the left hand, my great-aunt's wedding ring on my right ring finger (never taken off since the day she died three years ago) and chunky silver bangle on the right wrist.

And, wait for it... bedazzled gladiator sandals.

So far a few people who see me on the regular have seen me today and the general reaction has been "What the balls are you wearing?"

Let's just say the accessorizing may be over the top today compared to my usual style.

Hot. Mess.

I actually jangle when I walk. I'll admit that it secretly thrills me. :-D

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Susan said...

spectacular ring!