Sunday, May 17, 2009

"...I thought of you and where you'd gone and the world spins madly on..."

I've been a reader of Lemon Gloria for about a year.

She just lost her dad. When I read her post about it this morning, I started to leak weepy, sad tears - the kind of tears that just keep coming out no matter how much you try to blot them away with your Kleenex. And I know there are countless invisible friends of Lisa's who are doing the same thing right now.

My parents came to visit yesterday and I'll admit that I was really ready for them to leave when they left.

After they left, I told Jason that I love them so deeply but get so irritated by them sometimes (and I'm sure I'm loved and irritate them in much the same way.)

I can't imagine my life without them. They are, to this day, the glue that keeps me together when I'm falling apart. My dad is always a quiet force of strength and reason who helps me compartmentalize. And my mom is the one who turns into an emotional wreck with me when I'm an emotional wreck.

And at the age of 26, I'm terrified at the thought of facing a world in which my parents are no longer with me.

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Susan said...

I'm a big fan of hers, too. My heart sank when I read the post title in my feed.