Monday, May 4, 2009

"...Food glorious foooooood..."


A great Pittsburgh tradition each summer is the Greek Food Festivals at various churches throughout the city.

Known to my circle of peeps as the "Summer Greek Food Circuit," the goal is to go to as many of these festivals as possible and load up on gyros, spanakopita and tiropita and these deep fried donut hole looking things that are coated in honey. We call them "honey balls" not because we are culturally insensitive to the Greek language but because our WASPy tongues literally can't say the word for these things ("Loukoumades" - we try to say it like the Greek ladies do, really we do. But it all falls apart after the "looookoooo" part. Fail.)

But I digress.

There are eleven of these festivals from May until September and one "Greek Day at Kennywood" (Kennywood is our local version of a Six Flags-type roller coaster park.)

This week marks the start of the Summer Greek Food Circuit. The first one is my favorite and has the best food. St. Nick's in Oakland is like, the Godfather of the Summer Greek Food Circuit. It's seriously that good. And thousands of people show up for it. It's crazy expensive (you can expect to kiss $20 bucks goodbye for a fancy Greek Food lunch) but it's so worth it.

While I always went to the St Nick's Festival, I never really new about the whole circuit til last year. A few friends brought me into their foodie circle and the rest is history.

The Summer Greek Food Circuit holds an extra special place in my heart for two reasons. One, because of the amazing food and the friendship element that goes along with it. And two, because I got to be around Jason alot during those festivals we went to last year with mutual friends before we were together as a couple. (Ahh the memory of car-pooling to the festival in Oakmont, cramed into a backseat next to Jason, trying not to look at him and blush.)

You can imagine how awkward this was. Jason was very shy around me and didn't say much. I, like every other girl who is around a guy she likes, was caught between my insatiable desire to hoover up Greek food but still look dainty and not eat around the guy she liked. Oh it makes me angsty just thinking about it! And I'm with him now! It still makes my heart race when I think about how we were when we were still pretending we didn't like either other in a naughty way.

I mentioned the Summer Greek Food Circuit to Jason last week. All I'll say is that he two has a special place in his heart for the circuit for the same two reasons.

This year, we'll be enjoying the honey balls while sitting next to each other as a couple, not as two awkward retards who were too old to be acting like shy teenagers last year.

Yay honey balls and love prevailing over social awkwardness!

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