Monday, May 11, 2009

"...and I'll follow you into the dark..."

Jason moved into his house this weekend.

Much can be said about it and him. But I think a small anecdote (i.e. - long and winded, like everything PT writes) will sum things up...

The front of his house has a porch with a shingled roof and a tiny bird's nest is now at home in one corner of the roof. When you walk out of the front door and onto the porch you can see the nest perched between a support beam and the underside of the roof. We'd noticed for a few days that the nest has been getting bigger, but we'd never see Mama Bird.

Friday as we were moving things, I flung the front door open and shuffled outside to get another box out of Jason's truck and Mama Bird was there! Of course, I scared the stuffing out of her and she flew off with an angry chirp.

I scared her again Saturday morning when I again flung open the door and rushed outside when I left for work.

I was home for the weekend to be with my family and came back late last night.

I went to Jason's house and when I walked up to the front porch I was quiet so Mama Bird wouldn't get pissed off. Once I was inside, I looked out to see if she was in her nest. And she was! She didn't get scared!

I ran up the steps (his house is a split level - the living area is all upstairs) and told Jason how excited I was that Mama Bird wasn't afraid of me anymore.

He, who had gone out for beers with friends and was on clearly the other side of sober, excitedly started to tell me that all day Saturday and Sunday, he opened and closed the screen door on the porch a bunch of times and talked to the bird so she'd get used to us. And now, he was proud to annouce, she doesn't fly away when he goes onto the porch.

We went downstairs so that he could demonstrate. And sure enough, he talked to her and opened the door a few times and she just sat on her eggs and watched him. He looked at me with a big goofy, satisfied grin and with a high five, we went back upstairs.

You all know by now that I'm overly sentimental about a lot of things.

But the fact that my boyfriend spent time acclimating Mama Bird to the sound of his footstep and his voice is something I find so overwhelmingly endearing that I'm sitting here getting a bit teared up just thinking about it.

He is kind and gentle. And his house and the remodeling he has done are a perfect physical representation of the peaceful way he lives his life. That I get to be a part of it fills me up with good feelings.


Susan said...

This makes me 7 shades of happy.

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