Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"'re the only sense the world has ever made..."

I hate to be one of those people who talks about her boyfriend more than she probably should...

...ok I'll be honest, I like being one of those people. I know it irks singletons. It always irked me when I was single. But I have been single my whole life. And I truly used to be Sex and the City's Charlotte York when she had her "I've been dating since I was 13! I'm exhausted! WHERE IS HE?!" meltdown. I have had quite enough horrible first dates and blind dates in my time. I feel as though that entitles me to a little unbridled happiness about having Jason in my life. This is not to say that I'm a happy, shmappy "nothing is ever wrong and we'll be happy together forever and ever" person either.


Over the weekend I went home to see my parents. My mom and I were running errands together. I mentioned to my mother that the bf and I were planning on going to Lancaster, PA for a nerd-o-rific weekend of brewery and vineyard tours in good ol' Amish Country. (Kinda lame, yes. But it's close by, it'll be cheap and there will be alot of drinking and lazing about.)

Now, a note about Shirl: Tough when it comes to her kiddles. Always has been. And is definitely one of those "are you good enough for my sweet, beautiful, perfect Peace Turkey? Are you? ARE YOU?!" moms.


I mentioned this trip to her with the kind of trepidation a daughter usually reserves for when she tells her mother she is like, failing out of school or is shaving her head and is going to join a gang....

....Hilarity ensued as I drove down the road towards our next stop at Target:

PT: So what do you think about that?
Shirl: Oh how nice! Your father and I had such a nice time there at the vineyard we went to.
PT: *blank stare*
Shirl: Really, it'll be nice.
PT: [still full of trepidation] Yeah, I know. I liked it when we all went there one summer...
Shirl: And you know, your father just bought that conversion van for our drive to Hilton Head with the dogs and your sister in July. You and Jason should take the van when you go away.
PT: *picks jaw up off of dashboard* Ok. Thanks, Ma.


Susan said...

Wow, score one for the bf!

My mom did not dig Chris. There, I've said it. We announced our engagement and I think she said, "oh."

(Now she loves him. Adores him. Will not shut up about him. Happy ending.)

Peace Turkey said...

That's good to hear! The real irony here is that her mom was the same way to her about my dad when they were dating and got engaged. You'd think that'd prevent her from being like Nana!