Sunday, April 19, 2009

"...we were passers on the street, I never thought we'd meet until you said 'how do you do, my love?'..."

Here's a fun Sunday Morning story for all of you lovelies ...

I was off from work on Thursday. Sara had class til 6:30. I told her I'd pick her up at campus so she didn't have to take the bus.

She called at 6 to say she was out and I could come get her. The puppy was wound up so I decided rather than trying to get him in his crate, I'd take him for a car ride. So I put poochy in the passenger side and walked around to my side. He of course was sitting in my seat by the time I got to the drivers' side door.

I put my keys and my iPhone on the roof and wrestled him back into his seat. I held him there with one hand and reached up to grab my keys with the other. Just the keys. Not the phone.

And I drove off.

It wasn't until I got to campus that I realized what I had done. Of course the phone wasn't on the roof anymore.

So I retraced my route on the way home and told Sar to keep her eyes peeled.

We found my phone like 100 yards from our house. Of course, it had been run over. The irony is that the fucking thing still worked even though there was a weird grey bar on one side of the screen. I had three missed texts. Ha! But the screen is shattered into 1000 pieces of tiny, sharp glass.

So off I went to the Apple store. More irony: repairing the screen would have been more expensive than getting a new phone.

So I have a new phone. Hopefully this one won't meet the same fate.

Epic Fail.

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