Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"...of course I'll be alright, I just had a bad night..."

I finally got to spend some nice time with Jason yesterday since I was off and my only real commitment was a doctors appointment.

Between him being in overdrive working on his house and me with my always crazy work hours, we were apart much more than usual over the weekend.

Last night we had a big date at Ikea. We're such rebels!

Now the awkward part is that it's his house he's working on. It's not ours. It's his. He bought it. We don't live together. The topic has never been brought up. I can see it happening in the future, to be sure. But for now, it's his house.

We went to Ikea because he needs countertops. And I kind of dread when he needs the help of a sales associate only because, as sales associates are want to do, they focus on the woman because they know if you sell the woman, the man will follow.

...His house. Not ours...

So the counter top specialist put his pitch to me and not Jason. I honestly felt bad because one, I had to feign disinterest in order to get the guy to put the focus back on Jason and two, the specialist ended the pitch with "come on, honey, this is fun! Get interested!"


Jason is thankfully not ruffled by these kind of things like I am. I'm all "now that guy thinks I'm a bitch and you probably think I don't care what your house looks like." And he's all "That guy was really chatty. I hope the Ikea cafeteria is still open, I could MASSACRE some Swedish Meatballs!"

Ironically enough, I'm sitting here today waiting for Ikea to fax over custom countertop estimates to me since I have a fax.

Also of note from the Ikea trip: Jason got me one of their mini blue Ikea totes. So. Cute. And only $0.49!!

In closing, here are two of my favorite pictures of the house so far.

I love the boldness of the goldenrod color in the living room.

And how amazing is this bathroom sink???? And the tile work!

(Yes, he does all of this himself. Plumbing, plastering, drywalling, wiring, floor refinishing. I'll ask him what he did during his day and he'll be all "I refinished the hardwood floor in the master bedroom and installed the kitchen cabinets." And I'll be like "wow, you're hot and amazing." And he'll be all "what did you do?" And I'll be all "I checked my email 1000 times and played on facebook.")

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