Friday, April 17, 2009

"... from the shape of your shaved head I recognized your silhouette..."

This morning as I was doing my usual Friday running around, I swore I saw Jason on his bicycle. Of course as I looked closer, I knew it wasn't him. Right after I saw this biker, Jason texted me. He had some Arby's for lunch and is currently driving through the Rocky Mountains.

He and a friend left from Pittsburgh yesterday at noon, headed to Moab via St. Louis where they met up with a few more guys to carpool in someone ginormous truck. He sent me this picture of the arch in St. Louis at midnight when they got there.

They'll get to Utah in about six more hours. Tomorrow morning, the dirtbiking in the desert will begin.

Honestly, I can't imagine driving an entire day and then some straight through like that. I'd be bat-shit crazy. I am not a peaceful passenger on long car rides. I usually can sleep through most of it. But once I'm awake and if I don't fall back asleep, I'm like that jumpy chick on the restless-leg-snydrome medication commercial. Can't sit still. At all. I'm convinced that only dudes are hardwired for this kind of trip.

I would love to go out west to see Moab and Yellowstone and all of those beautiful things on the other coast. I'd just need like an entire week of driving for a bit then stopping at bed and breakfasts along the way in order to get that accomplished.

I'm just sayin.

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Susan said...

I love road trips and used to do that drive all day and night thing. But now? I'm all about stopping at b&b's and doing some shopping along the way (not to mention stops for the worlds biggest ball of string and that groundhog village they have somewhere out there).

The things these boys miss.