Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"...dear Jesus make me simple, strong as trees to sway..."

I can't really get my mind together enough to get a full post out of my jumbled thoughts right now... so here are a few mind-droppings.

...A dear,dear friend of mine is going through a whole shit-ton of crap with her partner right now as I type this. In the end, he may no longer be her partner. She has been strong and beautiful and amazing through it all. And the rest of us can only hope to have the poise and grace she does were we to ever find ourselves in a similar situation.

...Jason is leaving for Utah tomorrow. For ten days to dirtbike in Moab with his friends. He will have a good time and I know he'll come back safely. I'll be missing him terribly.

...I am finally going to the craft store tomorrow to stock up on some supplies for fun projects that have been kicking around in my noggin for a while. I hope some of the ideas actually turn into good finished projects!

...A new clothes washer was delivered to my house yesterday. With Jason being gone and there being a functional washer again in my basement, I may finally FINALLY get my laundry completely done... for the first time in over a year. (Andrew - I will no longer be at risk for being trapped under an avalanche of dirty clothing!)

...I'm not one for praying, but there are several things I've been praying about lately - the most superficial of which is a prayer that the student loan people don't garnish my tax return. I just recently found out this can happen. The unrealistic $1300 a month loan payment is no where near what I can afford to pay per month. Which of course puts me on their hit list. As such... I'm now praying the tax return hits my checking account before AES can take it all in one lump sum. They're gonna get it all eventually anyway. Bastards. Amen.

...finally, hug someone or a bunch of someones and tell them you love them today. It seems like a good day to spread some love around.


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