Friday, March 13, 2009

" know you're my saving grace..."

I have a fun story for you all. And I wish there was more photographic evidence. Those of you who haven't met me... this story might not be that funny. But here is a clue into the basic genetic makeup of PT: GIRLY GIRL. To a fault. Like, some people in my family have never seen me without mascara girly girl. Like, wear a skirt 6 days a week girly girl. Jason knows this but,bless his heart, doesn't ever let that keep him from trying to make me outdoorsy or handy. And he loves it when I get dirty. That, ironically, is when the girliest girly girl comes out. Somehow, he thinks it is endearing, not irritating...

Let us proceed.

Setting: Jason's basement where there is a workbench set up, some sort of powertool I've never seen before and a vice grip of some sort. There is a pile of old maple flooring from a skating rink in Latrobe laying in his driveway. (Craigslist - the original "reduce, reuse, recycle")

[Enter PT stage left.]

PT: Whatcha doin, Bun?
Jason: Setting this up so you can cut nails out of this maple wood. You can use this grinder.
Jason: No really.
Jason: I need 15 pieces for the bedroom closet. I'll refinish it when I refinish the floor in there.
PT: That'll look nice.
Jason: Yeah. So you're gonna take this grinder...
Jason: And hold it at an angle and just sheer off the nail. It's easier than pounding the whole nail back through the board. See, like this.

[Red sparks fly as the metal grinder hits the metal nails.]

PT: *shriek*
Jason: Honestly the sparks aren't hot enough to do anything. You'll be fine.
PT: No.
Jason: No?
PT: No.
Jason: I'll get you some gloves.

[Jason wanders away, comes back with gloves. PT puts them and her "I'm scared" look on]

Jason: You're fine.... are you still afraid? Do you want a face shield?
PT: Mhm.

[Jason wanders away, comes back with a welder's mask looking thing]

Jason: Ok, you're all set. I'm gonna go back upstairs and lay the subfloor.

[Exit Jason stage right]

PT: [to herself] FUCK.

[PT somehow gets through the sheering of the nails off of the boards and carries all of the wood upstairs where Jason cleans out the grooves.]

Jason: You were very brave.
PT: It's a good thing I like you so much.

[End scene]


Susan said...

1) welders masks always make me feel more brave.
2) are you a Leo?

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