Thursday, March 12, 2009

" run for cover just as fast as you can..."

Look out, kids. I did a 5 k run yesterday for the first time since ohhh....June?

I must be honest, though and admit that about 1k of it was walking during a KILLER uphill part of the trail I run. And about 3k of it was slightly downhill. The other 1k was basically flat. But still, 5k is 5k right? Eventually I'll be able to run it all and do it in less than the 53 minutes (how embarassing) it took me yesterday. Translation: if I really stick with it this time, my ass and thighs will get small again and I'll be able to run farther, faster.

That being said, I am so sore right now I don't know whether to cry or scream. It is a good kind of sore though. That good "my core muscles hurt and my calves feel like lead" kinda sore.

Various reactions from friends and loved ones include:

Sara: Was someone chasing you?

Jason: You're gonna haz a sore tonight! ::PT notes that the Jason has completely integrated LOLCatSpeak into his lexicon. Teh pour deer. Mai LOLCat adicshun haz a rubbing off on himz.::

Sarah: Omg that sounds amazing!

Andrew: w00t!


Susan said...

Good for you!

Alex said...

Oh, good. Running helps me so much when I'm feeling the way you felt in your last post. Here's to you and the thrill of endorphins.