Sunday, March 1, 2009

"...sign, sign, everywhere a sign..."

Sara, our parents and I were walking down Walnut Street the other day.

We had just eaten a delicious breakfast at Pamela's and were heading to Starbucks before I went to work.

Something made our mom think of the scene in the movie Love Actually where the Portugese housekeeper jumps into the lake to save Colin Firth's novel.

Ma: "I can't belive that girl had a tattoo! She took her clothes off and right there on her lower back was a tattoo!"
Sara: "Tramp stamp."
Ma: "If I get skinny like that again, I'm getting one."
PT: "Yeahhh! I'll get one too! We can go together!"
Dad: "Nice."
Sar: "What would your tattoo be?"
Ma: (ever the librarian) "I dunno, a book?"
Sar: "It should say 'read.'"
Dad: "I don't get it."

::End scene::

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Susan said...

Do be careful - that movie put me into labor.