Thursday, March 26, 2009

"...Mama said there'd be days like this..."

The older I get and the more asshole, bastard, douchebag and downright mean strangers I come in contact with, the more I appreciate what a good job my parents did when they raised me.

This is not to say that I'm a perfect daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, employee. I'm not. I know this. But all the years of getting talked to and getting reminded of how to be a kind and decent and compassionate person were, I realize now, critically important.

My parents always taught me that one, no one has to put up with my shit and two, everyone should be treated fairly. So simple. So basic. But so, so fundamentally important.

I'm not sweet and gentile all of the time. This blog is a testament to that. I whine and complain and generally carry on when I'm stressed out or pissed off.

But never in my life, ever, have I treated someone who works in a shop or a Starbucks or a restaurant or as a bank teller or whatever as a second class citizen.

I see customers treating employees in the service industry like crap. And it honestly makes me want to give the employees a hug when it's my turn in line. I want to take their hand after someone just handed them their ass and say "I'm nice. Take your time." And it makes me want to say to the mean customer "Does your mother know how you treat people? What would she think?"

We're all people, people. We're people with feelings and shit going on and hard lives that some of us can't even imagine. So be nice. Be kind. Smile. Someone who is having a bad day might think of that smile from the nice girl in line at their coffee counter and forget about the assholes he or she had to face that day.

Joe and Shirl taught me that from day one.

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Susan said...

Horrifying, isn't it? I hate seeing that.