Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"...we could fly, you and I..."

It's a dull Tuesday here in Sixburgh. It's 50 degrees but it's raining and gray -- a perfect "lay in bed and read all day" kinda Tuesday.

I've caught up on all of the internet action I've missed the past few days. And now I'm feeding my Facebook addiction.

It turns out that viral survey type things have found a home on Facebook, oddly enough. And I took the time to do one entitled "25 random things about me." And since there is virtually no cross over between my facebook friends and my PT blog friends, I thought this might be fun to share to my invisible friends, as Susan over at Trout Towers cleverly calls blog friends.

Enjoy! And partake! It's kinda fun!

1. Despite the fact that I work at the best place on earth to buy glasses and I own tons of amazing eyewear, there is a part of me that still feels that 5 year old little girl who got made fun of for her glasses. This is why I still wear contacts most days.

2. There is a framed picture of me & Hillary Clinton sitting on the end table in my living room.

3. Some days, I miss playing tennis so much that I actually ache for the feel of the racquet in my palm.

4. No matter how I try to fight it, I love crystals and gold lame' (Buying one of these ridiculous pieces of art sealed my fate this summer. http://www.artbypj.com/Category.html?ID=1499) I can't wait to be an old lady so all of this is acceptable.

5. My favorite photographs of the people I love are pictures I took when they didn't know anyone was looking.

6. The best fringe benefit of working where I doisn't the discount on the eyewear, it was meeting Jason, who was friends with work people and would come visit in my store. :-) I can't believe that was a year ago already.

7. It's rare to see me, regardless of the season, without a scarf around my neck.

8. I have a terrible and, quite frankly, pointless addiction to gossip blogs. I don't even know half of the celebrities about whom these bloggers gossip. But I just can't break the addiction.

9. I think the ability of people to forgive is one of the most amazing qualities of human beings. I personally am not always as forgiving as I maybe should be.

10. I blame my mother for both my horrible tendency to cry at the drop of a hat and my overly emotive, extroverted personality.

11. Going to therapy is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done.

12. I can't even put into words what hearing certain songs does to me.

13. Part of me is endlessly sad that I don't talk to one of my sisters. The effect of this is that it makes me love the other two even more.

14. When I go to the grocery store by myself on my days off, I always leave my sunglasses on while I shop with the hope that someone will think I'm fancy and mysterious even though on the inside, I'm a total assclown who is praying she doesn't blow her cover and get the giggles on the elevator in the indoor Giant Eagle parking lot (as I am wont to do.)

15. I lose touch with friends for no other reason than I'm lazy and hate talking on the phone. Horrible, this trait.

16. Like every girl on earth, I want to be whisked away to Paris one day.

17. I'm a terrible speller.

18. I love working out but getting to the gym is the hardest. fucking. thing. in. the. world. This is why I will never be thin.

19. I am determined to find a way to live in Tuscany before I die.

20. My favorite emoticon is <3

21. My Pap died when I was 8. I wish he were still alive because I think he and I would have alot to talk about. My Nana died a few years later. I wish she were still alive because I think she'd have alot to say to me and I'd LOVE to hear her side of my parents' courtship story.

22. When Jason reaches for my hand in random places like the grocery store it overwhelmes me. In a good way.

23. LOLcats is the funniest damn thing on earth.

24. I hate flying but love the glamour and solitude of flying solo and not having to talk to anyone.

25. I'm worried that my 25 things note is dull and poorly representative of me.

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Susan said...

oooh, good idea! I did one on fb, too. Seems a shame to waste it on all those non-invisible friends ;)