Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"...show me a garden that's bursting into life..."

In the summer of 2007, my family took our annual big trip to Hilton Head. Ma, Dad, Sara and Gram and I (and Sadie Lou the golden retriever) loaded into a conversion van and headed south. We were joined later that week by Ginny, Dann and Nick (and Olivia, in vitro) who stopped on their way back home from Disney World.

That's a whole lot of snark and sarcasm under one roof for two weeks.

During those two weeks, we drank, we ate, we played cards, we went to the beach, we read. It was an awesome time.

Also during those two weeks, we came up with a ridiculous name for, ahem, the female reproductive parts.

I don't quite remember how it came about but I think it had something to do with Sadie Lou going in the ocean for the first time and jumping when the water hit her girly bits. We all started laughing and saying all of the slang words... you know what they are. And I somehow came up with "clanger."

So, needless to say, we all said "clanger" constantly throughout that entire vacation.

"Don't piss off PT, her clanger will get in a twist."

"Sadie Lou loves Gram, even if her clanger is 83 years old."

"Ginny's clanger is gonna have another baby!"

.... the examples could go on and on, with increasing vulgarity...

This is all to say that today, I got a call from Dr. Simmonds, my gynocologist... re: the cervical cancer scare:

My clanger got a clean bill of health. :-)

Thank fucking god.


Susan said...

and my verification word is "scronu," which is surely the male counterpart.

Peace Turkey said...

I agree! Haha. Scronuuuuu.

Susan said...

furthermore and totally unrelated, that was the first time I've ever divulged the real name of one of the chickens (I tend to make up new ones each time). I am glad to have a new namesake friend in her stead.