Saturday, February 21, 2009

"...pie, me oh my, I love pie..."

I'm always off on Fridays and Fridays have become my days to cook. Like, seriously cook. Stews, casseroles, baked goods. The baked goods always turn out well. I think it's pretty hard to screw up a pie or a batch of cookies or scones. The savory, dinner-type things... that's where I sometimes run into problems.

Yesterday, I had a 67% success rate with the three items on my list to cook/bake which where two new recipes and one old standby.

The potato casserole was pretty straight forward, was easy to make and has already been completely consumed. Yummy. Score one for PT!

The potato soup in the slow-cooker? Barf. Sara put it best when, after tasting it, she told me it tasted like raw potatoes. She was right. The whole thing tasted like raw potatoes. Weird and disappointing. It did thicken up a bit and the potatoes were less overwhelming when I added the bacon.

Jason ate it. He eats everything I make though so that's not really an acurate indicator of what the yum-factor was. He and I agreed it was one of those "gonna be better when it's a leftover" foods. We'll see if that's true when I eat it for my lunch today.

And finally yesterday, I made my mom's pie crust cookies. They're magical. Seriously. Magical. (Thank goodness I had those in light of the potato soup mess.) She came up with the recipe as a way to use left over pie crust. Now, she usually makes a whole batch of pie crust for the purpose of making the cookies. I often do the same.

And since I'm feeling friendly, I'm gonna give you the recipe. It's simple and delicious. And I challenge you to find a better tasting pie crust anywhere.

Pie Crust Recipe
2 c flour
2 tbsp sugar
2/3 c oil
1/3 c milk

Mix in bowl with fork until just blended.
(Yields enough crust for a pie or 3 dozen pie crust cookies)

For the cookies:

Divide dough in half and roll out as you would for a pie crust. Spread butter onto the dough. Sprinkle liberally with sugar. Dust with cinnamon. Roll up crust like a jelly roll and cut into pieces about 1/2 inch thick. Repeat for remaining dough. Bake at 375 until sugar starts to bubble and crust gets flakey (About 10 minutes - but check after 5. The crust can go from raw to burnt super fast!)

Voila! Instant yum. :-) They don't look like much, but they're delish! Enjoy!

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