Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

For Christmas, one of the gifts I got Jason was a gift certificate to my salon of choice in the Shadyside neighborhood of dear ole Pittsburgh. He's one of those "I cut my own hair" types (Translation: Once every few months, he mows it with clippers. It's both endearing and terrifying.)

So the use of that gift card wasn't meant for a haircut. No, no. That gift card is for the exact dollar amount of a manicure. Yeahhhhhh I'm that girlfriend. I'm makin' my man put the "man" back in "manicure."

Really though, I'm not trying to turn him into something he's not. I just want him to embrace things that are pampering. He is out in the cold alot, working on his house, hanging dry wall and doing all sorts of hot, manly things. And his hands are all sorts of dry and sore and chapped and cracking because of the hot, manly activities.

I sneak-attack him with hand cream when he's drifting off to sleep sometimes. And it makes me giddy with satisfaction.

You can imagine how pumped I am then that a few days ago Jason randomly texted me to ask "When are we getting our manicures?"

Um, what? Do my eyes deceive me? Did that text really ask what I think it did? And also, "we?" It's not often that I can justify paying for a manicure (a pedi is a different story) so I'm rocked at the prospect of not only JASON going for a manicure and not only ME going for a manicure (I suspect he wants me there for moral support), but US getting a manicure together. *SWOON*

It's so cute I actually just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Our appointment is for 5pm on Thursday. Stay tuned.

Update: I ended up working til 9pm. No manicure. :-(

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