Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"...hold on to what you got, hold on to what you got..."

I'm feeling a bit lost today. I was sick all weekend. And actually called in sick Monday. I think laying around with all of that time to do nothing but be on the couch by myself always makes me a little listless.

The lost feeling is coming from a really random thing: I feel kind of disconnected from my house. Which is a weird thing to feel distant from, I know. But I spend alot of time at work and then when I'm not at work, I spend alot of time at Jason's. Which is fine but I kinda miss my stuff and then I started thinking about what it's like to try to merge your stuff with you partner's stuff when the time comes (if it in fact does ever come) so that it's "home" to both of you.

How does this happen? Does one person get to keep more of their stuff than the other? Does it depend on where you live? Your place or your partners' place or a whole new place all together? And like, the bookshelf situation? How does that work? Do our books harmoniously live on the same shelves or like, do I get my own bookcase? Am I supposed to willingly give up the shit-ton of old college textbooks I have so we both have room for our books? And who gets to decide what goes in the bedroom? (Translation:WHAT WILL BECOME OF MY SPARKLY HEART PAINTING IN THE GOLD LAME' FRAME THAT'S ABOVE MY DRESSING TABLE? AND WHAT OF MY DRESSING TABLE?)

Very pressing, these questions. To me anyway. I feel like it was easier for my parents' generation. My parents are in their late 50s and early 60s so they're from the "you lived with your parents until you got married" school of thought. Sara and I on the other hand and even Ginny to an extent haven't lived at home since leaving for college. Yes, I went through that "I'm broke, I need to move home for a year" phase. But since then, I've had an apartment and now I have a house I'm (fingers crossed) renting-to-own and like, I have A LOT of shit. Like, alot alot alot.

And like, I know my parents didn't have to decide whose dining room set to put in their place or who would get to keep their living room furniture and who got to donate theirs to charity. Why? Because they didn't have any of that shit. Thus explains the need for bridal showers back then. Honestly, I can't even imagine what I'd register for if I got married. I have awesome pots and pans. I have a great blender and toaster. I have an entire service for 16 set of china of my Aunt's that I inherit if/when I become an old married lady. I'd basically be registering at Target for like, extra sets of bed dressing textiles and every day flatwear and tablewear (I would love to Goodwill the Corelle I've had since junior year of college. God that shit NEVER breaks!)

I need to go find a paper bag.

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