Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

For Christmas, one of the gifts I got Jason was a gift certificate to my salon of choice in the Shadyside neighborhood of dear ole Pittsburgh. He's one of those "I cut my own hair" types (Translation: Once every few months, he mows it with clippers. It's both endearing and terrifying.)

So the use of that gift card wasn't meant for a haircut. No, no. That gift card is for the exact dollar amount of a manicure. Yeahhhhhh I'm that girlfriend. I'm makin' my man put the "man" back in "manicure."

Really though, I'm not trying to turn him into something he's not. I just want him to embrace things that are pampering. He is out in the cold alot, working on his house, hanging dry wall and doing all sorts of hot, manly things. And his hands are all sorts of dry and sore and chapped and cracking because of the hot, manly activities.

I sneak-attack him with hand cream when he's drifting off to sleep sometimes. And it makes me giddy with satisfaction.

You can imagine how pumped I am then that a few days ago Jason randomly texted me to ask "When are we getting our manicures?"

Um, what? Do my eyes deceive me? Did that text really ask what I think it did? And also, "we?" It's not often that I can justify paying for a manicure (a pedi is a different story) so I'm rocked at the prospect of not only JASON going for a manicure and not only ME going for a manicure (I suspect he wants me there for moral support), but US getting a manicure together. *SWOON*

It's so cute I actually just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Our appointment is for 5pm on Thursday. Stay tuned.

Update: I ended up working til 9pm. No manicure. :-(

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"...pie, me oh my, I love pie..."

I'm always off on Fridays and Fridays have become my days to cook. Like, seriously cook. Stews, casseroles, baked goods. The baked goods always turn out well. I think it's pretty hard to screw up a pie or a batch of cookies or scones. The savory, dinner-type things... that's where I sometimes run into problems.

Yesterday, I had a 67% success rate with the three items on my list to cook/bake which where two new recipes and one old standby.

The potato casserole was pretty straight forward, was easy to make and has already been completely consumed. Yummy. Score one for PT!

The potato soup in the slow-cooker? Barf. Sara put it best when, after tasting it, she told me it tasted like raw potatoes. She was right. The whole thing tasted like raw potatoes. Weird and disappointing. It did thicken up a bit and the potatoes were less overwhelming when I added the bacon.

Jason ate it. He eats everything I make though so that's not really an acurate indicator of what the yum-factor was. He and I agreed it was one of those "gonna be better when it's a leftover" foods. We'll see if that's true when I eat it for my lunch today.

And finally yesterday, I made my mom's pie crust cookies. They're magical. Seriously. Magical. (Thank goodness I had those in light of the potato soup mess.) She came up with the recipe as a way to use left over pie crust. Now, she usually makes a whole batch of pie crust for the purpose of making the cookies. I often do the same.

And since I'm feeling friendly, I'm gonna give you the recipe. It's simple and delicious. And I challenge you to find a better tasting pie crust anywhere.

Pie Crust Recipe
2 c flour
2 tbsp sugar
2/3 c oil
1/3 c milk

Mix in bowl with fork until just blended.
(Yields enough crust for a pie or 3 dozen pie crust cookies)

For the cookies:

Divide dough in half and roll out as you would for a pie crust. Spread butter onto the dough. Sprinkle liberally with sugar. Dust with cinnamon. Roll up crust like a jelly roll and cut into pieces about 1/2 inch thick. Repeat for remaining dough. Bake at 375 until sugar starts to bubble and crust gets flakey (About 10 minutes - but check after 5. The crust can go from raw to burnt super fast!)

Voila! Instant yum. :-) They don't look like much, but they're delish! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"...hold on to what you got, hold on to what you got..."

I'm feeling a bit lost today. I was sick all weekend. And actually called in sick Monday. I think laying around with all of that time to do nothing but be on the couch by myself always makes me a little listless.

The lost feeling is coming from a really random thing: I feel kind of disconnected from my house. Which is a weird thing to feel distant from, I know. But I spend alot of time at work and then when I'm not at work, I spend alot of time at Jason's. Which is fine but I kinda miss my stuff and then I started thinking about what it's like to try to merge your stuff with you partner's stuff when the time comes (if it in fact does ever come) so that it's "home" to both of you.

How does this happen? Does one person get to keep more of their stuff than the other? Does it depend on where you live? Your place or your partners' place or a whole new place all together? And like, the bookshelf situation? How does that work? Do our books harmoniously live on the same shelves or like, do I get my own bookcase? Am I supposed to willingly give up the shit-ton of old college textbooks I have so we both have room for our books? And who gets to decide what goes in the bedroom? (Translation:WHAT WILL BECOME OF MY SPARKLY HEART PAINTING IN THE GOLD LAME' FRAME THAT'S ABOVE MY DRESSING TABLE? AND WHAT OF MY DRESSING TABLE?)

Very pressing, these questions. To me anyway. I feel like it was easier for my parents' generation. My parents are in their late 50s and early 60s so they're from the "you lived with your parents until you got married" school of thought. Sara and I on the other hand and even Ginny to an extent haven't lived at home since leaving for college. Yes, I went through that "I'm broke, I need to move home for a year" phase. But since then, I've had an apartment and now I have a house I'm (fingers crossed) renting-to-own and like, I have A LOT of shit. Like, alot alot alot.

And like, I know my parents didn't have to decide whose dining room set to put in their place or who would get to keep their living room furniture and who got to donate theirs to charity. Why? Because they didn't have any of that shit. Thus explains the need for bridal showers back then. Honestly, I can't even imagine what I'd register for if I got married. I have awesome pots and pans. I have a great blender and toaster. I have an entire service for 16 set of china of my Aunt's that I inherit if/when I become an old married lady. I'd basically be registering at Target for like, extra sets of bed dressing textiles and every day flatwear and tablewear (I would love to Goodwill the Corelle I've had since junior year of college. God that shit NEVER breaks!)

I need to go find a paper bag.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"...we could fly, you and I..."

It's a dull Tuesday here in Sixburgh. It's 50 degrees but it's raining and gray -- a perfect "lay in bed and read all day" kinda Tuesday.

I've caught up on all of the internet action I've missed the past few days. And now I'm feeding my Facebook addiction.

It turns out that viral survey type things have found a home on Facebook, oddly enough. And I took the time to do one entitled "25 random things about me." And since there is virtually no cross over between my facebook friends and my PT blog friends, I thought this might be fun to share to my invisible friends, as Susan over at Trout Towers cleverly calls blog friends.

Enjoy! And partake! It's kinda fun!

1. Despite the fact that I work at the best place on earth to buy glasses and I own tons of amazing eyewear, there is a part of me that still feels that 5 year old little girl who got made fun of for her glasses. This is why I still wear contacts most days.

2. There is a framed picture of me & Hillary Clinton sitting on the end table in my living room.

3. Some days, I miss playing tennis so much that I actually ache for the feel of the racquet in my palm.

4. No matter how I try to fight it, I love crystals and gold lame' (Buying one of these ridiculous pieces of art sealed my fate this summer. http://www.artbypj.com/Category.html?ID=1499) I can't wait to be an old lady so all of this is acceptable.

5. My favorite photographs of the people I love are pictures I took when they didn't know anyone was looking.

6. The best fringe benefit of working where I doisn't the discount on the eyewear, it was meeting Jason, who was friends with work people and would come visit in my store. :-) I can't believe that was a year ago already.

7. It's rare to see me, regardless of the season, without a scarf around my neck.

8. I have a terrible and, quite frankly, pointless addiction to gossip blogs. I don't even know half of the celebrities about whom these bloggers gossip. But I just can't break the addiction.

9. I think the ability of people to forgive is one of the most amazing qualities of human beings. I personally am not always as forgiving as I maybe should be.

10. I blame my mother for both my horrible tendency to cry at the drop of a hat and my overly emotive, extroverted personality.

11. Going to therapy is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done.

12. I can't even put into words what hearing certain songs does to me.

13. Part of me is endlessly sad that I don't talk to one of my sisters. The effect of this is that it makes me love the other two even more.

14. When I go to the grocery store by myself on my days off, I always leave my sunglasses on while I shop with the hope that someone will think I'm fancy and mysterious even though on the inside, I'm a total assclown who is praying she doesn't blow her cover and get the giggles on the elevator in the indoor Giant Eagle parking lot (as I am wont to do.)

15. I lose touch with friends for no other reason than I'm lazy and hate talking on the phone. Horrible, this trait.

16. Like every girl on earth, I want to be whisked away to Paris one day.

17. I'm a terrible speller.

18. I love working out but getting to the gym is the hardest. fucking. thing. in. the. world. This is why I will never be thin.

19. I am determined to find a way to live in Tuscany before I die.

20. My favorite emoticon is <3

21. My Pap died when I was 8. I wish he were still alive because I think he and I would have alot to talk about. My Nana died a few years later. I wish she were still alive because I think she'd have alot to say to me and I'd LOVE to hear her side of my parents' courtship story.

22. When Jason reaches for my hand in random places like the grocery store it overwhelmes me. In a good way.

23. LOLcats is the funniest damn thing on earth.

24. I hate flying but love the glamour and solitude of flying solo and not having to talk to anyone.

25. I'm worried that my 25 things note is dull and poorly representative of me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"...show me a garden that's bursting into life..."

In the summer of 2007, my family took our annual big trip to Hilton Head. Ma, Dad, Sara and Gram and I (and Sadie Lou the golden retriever) loaded into a conversion van and headed south. We were joined later that week by Ginny, Dann and Nick (and Olivia, in vitro) who stopped on their way back home from Disney World.

That's a whole lot of snark and sarcasm under one roof for two weeks.

During those two weeks, we drank, we ate, we played cards, we went to the beach, we read. It was an awesome time.

Also during those two weeks, we came up with a ridiculous name for, ahem, the female reproductive parts.

I don't quite remember how it came about but I think it had something to do with Sadie Lou going in the ocean for the first time and jumping when the water hit her girly bits. We all started laughing and saying all of the slang words... you know what they are. And I somehow came up with "clanger."

So, needless to say, we all said "clanger" constantly throughout that entire vacation.

"Don't piss off PT, her clanger will get in a twist."

"Sadie Lou loves Gram, even if her clanger is 83 years old."

"Ginny's clanger is gonna have another baby!"

.... the examples could go on and on, with increasing vulgarity...

This is all to say that today, I got a call from Dr. Simmonds, my gynocologist... re: the cervical cancer scare:

My clanger got a clean bill of health. :-)

Thank fucking god.