Thursday, January 29, 2009

"...lovin' is what I got..."

::PT decided it's time to take a break from being sooooo heavy handed with the sappy, emotional posts. Enjoy!::

Lest any of you think I haven't been paying attention to my Steelers fetish as of late, I want you to know that I am WILDLY excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In honor of the BIG GAME, I'd like to educate all of you non-Steelers fans or non-football fans about how we do it in Pittsburgh on Sundays between August and December. As a season ticket holder, I feel it is my duty to write this post...

Let's take a narrative and pictoral journey through any given Sunday when the Steelers are playing at home at Heinz Field...

Usually, there is some sort of weather situation that requires finding creative ways to keep yourself cool/warm/dry.
On this particular Steelers' Sunday, there was a lighthening storm and falling temps. Hello, ponchos! Hello, hats! Hello, scarves!

Sara (left) and I were the most fashionable women in the pizza joint by the stadium. For real.

It is also important to remember that yes, clothing can keep you warm, but so can alcohol.

Here, Sara is partaking of her half of our pre-game Penn Gold 6pk.

You may be asking yourself, "PT, how can you drink that much before you even get into the stadium?"

Here is your answer:

We are not proud of it, but we eat an entire pizza at the pizza shop that's on the way during our walk from Downtown to the North Shore. We have to have the beer to wash down the carbs. Also, everyone knows how expensive stadium food is. We get a six pack and a pizza for less than twenty bucks at this place. Pittsburgh girls are smart.

And, when you get to your seats, you don't want to be thirsty or hungry because it's a serious hike up to section 537. But the view is worth it...

If you're lucky, you'll have swilled your beer and eaten your pizza quickley enough to get into the stadium in time to see the players take the field and do their warm-ups before kick-off:

What's more exciting than seeing a grown man in spandex getting his quad stretched by another grown man in a pair of khakis and cross-trainers? The correct answer is "nothing."

By now, you'll be ready for the game to start. And you'll start taking self-portraits. Because that's what girls do when they're drunk and excited.

The picture will not turn out well. Ever. But every time you look at it, you'll smile.

And the best part about all of this? You get to do it on an average of eight times per season.

Go. Steelers.

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