Monday, January 12, 2009

"...All we can do is keep breathing..."

This morning I found myself at a loss for blog topics.

My gynocologist's office called me this afternoon and gave me a topic.

Cervical cancer.

I had my annual check up last week. The lovely RN/PA/CRNP lady called me to tell me that my pap smear came back abnormal.

I started to cry. She told me to keep breathing.

In two weeks I go back to Magee Women's Hospital for a diagnostic cervical cancer test to biopsy the abnormal cells.

The lovely doctor's office lady was kind and gentle and told me that she'd tell me when to worry.

She said not to start worrying yet.

So, here I sit... thinking about how I'm supposed to not start worrying. Yet.

::PT wanders into the back room of her shop for more Kleenex::


Susan said...

First, she sounds like a sensible woman who knows what she's talking about (telling you it's not time to worry). And second, if you really need someone to call you with blog topics, I will call you in the morning and suggest puppy dogs dressed as food groups.

Be well, my invisible friend.

Peace Turkey said...

I pictured dogs dressed like boxes of cereal and it made me laugh my only laugh of the day. So thank you for that Susan!