Thursday, January 29, 2009

"...lovin' is what I got..."

::PT decided it's time to take a break from being sooooo heavy handed with the sappy, emotional posts. Enjoy!::

Lest any of you think I haven't been paying attention to my Steelers fetish as of late, I want you to know that I am WILDLY excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In honor of the BIG GAME, I'd like to educate all of you non-Steelers fans or non-football fans about how we do it in Pittsburgh on Sundays between August and December. As a season ticket holder, I feel it is my duty to write this post...

Let's take a narrative and pictoral journey through any given Sunday when the Steelers are playing at home at Heinz Field...

Usually, there is some sort of weather situation that requires finding creative ways to keep yourself cool/warm/dry.
On this particular Steelers' Sunday, there was a lighthening storm and falling temps. Hello, ponchos! Hello, hats! Hello, scarves!

Sara (left) and I were the most fashionable women in the pizza joint by the stadium. For real.

It is also important to remember that yes, clothing can keep you warm, but so can alcohol.

Here, Sara is partaking of her half of our pre-game Penn Gold 6pk.

You may be asking yourself, "PT, how can you drink that much before you even get into the stadium?"

Here is your answer:

We are not proud of it, but we eat an entire pizza at the pizza shop that's on the way during our walk from Downtown to the North Shore. We have to have the beer to wash down the carbs. Also, everyone knows how expensive stadium food is. We get a six pack and a pizza for less than twenty bucks at this place. Pittsburgh girls are smart.

And, when you get to your seats, you don't want to be thirsty or hungry because it's a serious hike up to section 537. But the view is worth it...

If you're lucky, you'll have swilled your beer and eaten your pizza quickley enough to get into the stadium in time to see the players take the field and do their warm-ups before kick-off:

What's more exciting than seeing a grown man in spandex getting his quad stretched by another grown man in a pair of khakis and cross-trainers? The correct answer is "nothing."

By now, you'll be ready for the game to start. And you'll start taking self-portraits. Because that's what girls do when they're drunk and excited.

The picture will not turn out well. Ever. But every time you look at it, you'll smile.

And the best part about all of this? You get to do it on an average of eight times per season.

Go. Steelers.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

" let go, let go, jump in..."

I had that procedure done on my girly bits yesterday.


So first of all, I'll get the biopsy results back in a week.

But second of all, holy fucking Christ. The pain. My god the pain. I'm not one of those chicks who gets all bent out of shape and lightheaded about a turned ankle or a cut or a bruise. So for me to say "holy fucking Christ, that hurt" means you can be assured that it did in fact hurt like whoa. Not only was "snipping" of the cervix involved, there was also scrapping and another pap smear with that mean, bristly mascara wand looking shit. Naturally. And I am also supposed to anticipate having "bleeding akin to menstrual bleeding" for 2 or 3 more days. Naturally.

I contend that if this procedure was done on men, it'd probably done under some sort of sedation or at least local numby-stuff. And they'd prob get prescription pain killers to use afterwards. Me? All I got was a "stay off your feet today" advisory and a pat on the knee and I was on my way home (where I promptly loaded up on Motrin and passed out with a heating pad.)

And another thing, the mean cold duck lips are NOT one size fits all vaginas. Yes, the mean medical instrument company does make a smaller set of mean cold duck lips. Yes, your OB/Gyn does have them. "Oh my, you have a tiny vagina, let me use the smaller speculum instead." Yes, Doctor, please do. But please, by all means, keep trying to use the standard size first EVERY. TIME. YOU. EXAMINE. ME. [Source]

And do the duck lips HAVE to make a sound like a fucking ratchet tie down when the doctor gets it all up in your girly bits and cranks the mean cold duck lips open? Huh?

I must say that having Sara and my parents and Jason with me throughout the day made things better. I don't imagine I was a fun person to be around yesterday what with the crying and whining and generally bitchery.

There. I'm done.

::PT wanders off for a salty snack, a brownie and another cup of coffee. Don't judge, she's recovering. :-)::

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"...someone like you and all you know and how you speak..."

This morning when I was getting ready for work, I was having one of those "I fucking hate my body" moments. I honestly could have sat down and cried if I had the time to be that self-indulgent in the mornings.

The good news is I'm going to the gym regularly again and that nice, dull muscle ache that comes along with a good workout that I've missed so much is back.

My mood has steadily gotten better though as the day has worn on. Despite the PMS. Despite the bloat. Despite the diet.

In other news, yay Inauguration Day! :-)

I'm not feeling political today, so I'll leave it at that.

And since I'm feeling a little bit "blargh" today, I'll simply leave you with this little nuggett of brilliance. (NSFW and might make you LOL, depending on how you're feeling today.)


Funny Balloon Animal Commercial - Watch more Free Videos

Monday, January 19, 2009

"...I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence ..."

We all know that Mondays are notoriously dull. And, after staying up late to watch that ROCKING STEELERS' GAME, my brain isn't firing on all cylinders.

So while I continue to pump caffeine into my tired system via my "bowl of coffee"(see above) as some people call my favorite 16oz coffee cup... I'm going to sit here in silence in my completely empty shop and offer you some random thoughts from PT's muddled brain.... I'm sure you're all so excited!

...I swear too fucking much. (Nothing made me realize this more than having a boyfriend who is not at all foul-mouthed unless it's reallllly reallllly called for. As in "Fuck, my truck won't start!" Or "Fuck, I wrecked my bike, please take me to the ER! I think my hand is broken!" Whereas I on the other hand am prone to use the f-word much more liberally. As in "Fuck, my mascara looks so fucking hot today!" Shameful.)

...I need to go to the gym more. (I recently joined Curves, despite my liberal tendencies that told me not to. Pittsburgh is not at all friendly to runners in the winter so I had to make alternate plans til springtime. And while I did go to the gym this morning, I was so damn tired when I was done that I was huffing and puffing more than the old ladies.)

...I love cooking for Jason. (Does this make me a 50's housewife-type woman? Should I be worried? This side of a year ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I'd be cooking dinner for someone on a semi-regular basis. Friends have said I'm cooking for him so much in an effort to fatten him up and make him less appealing to other women. Offensive on so many levels, but kinda funny and MAYBE true... subconsciously.)

...Hearing people whistle makes me wish I carried a gun. (I don't condone gun violence and I truly believe that people who get permits to carry concealed weapons are crazy, but holy god damn, hearing someone whistle makes me CRAZY enough to want a permit to carry a concealed weapon.)

...I'm highly emotionally reactive. (As evidenced by the previous observation. Sheesh. Must work on this.)

...If I could, I'd spend whole paychecks at Sephora. (Enough said. I'm sure at least one of you feels me on this.)

...Two years ago, I had my heart broken so badly by someone I cared so deeply for that I was shocked to find out that there are actually good men out there and that one of them is pretty crazy about me. (Good guys.... good guys are the ones to go after! WHO KNEW?!)

...I'm highly addicted to blogging. (And even if no one is highly addicted to READING my blog, I still enjoy letting shit out. Right around the time my therapist and I discussed cutting back my sessions to an "as needed" basis last year, I started this blog. I'm not saying that this blog has replaced my need for therapy or that blogging is better than therapy. I'm just sayin... sometimes it's the whole "getting the emotions into words" that's the hardest part when you're trying to heal yourself. This blog makes me keep finding the words.)


...I hold on to the hope that I'll have a somewhat traditional wedding if I ever get married. (I want my dad can walk me down some sort of aisle. I'm sure it won't be a church aisle. And I want bridesmaids because honestly, getting to be someone's bridesmaid is like, getting the ultimate best friend necklace and I want my dear friends to feel that emotion. And I want to dance around like an idiot in a pretty dress with the people I love. Etc, etc, etc...)

... Lately, I wear too much black and I don't like that so much. (Is it because it's winter? I dunno... but I'm pretty sure I used to wear a shit ton of pink in the winter in an effort to combat the seasonal affective disorder. Hmmm...)

...Finally, getting emails and comments from both strangers and people I know in reaction to my abnormal pap smear has been so amazing. It's girl code to rally around a woman who's having DOWN THERE problems - to share stories, to share concerns, to channel good vibes. And all of you out there who read that post have been so kind and have made me feel so much better and have given me a much more positive attitude about all of this. For that, I'm so SO grateful.

::...PT wanders off to fill up her bowl of coffee again...::

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"...everybody has a mania to do the polka from Pennsylvania!..."

PT is going black and gold today in honor of the AFC Championship game. It's a possibility that the Steelers' Spirit might move me to keep the black and gold depending upon the outcome of today's game.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

"...I can mash potato (I can mash potato!)..."

People will tell you that my dedication to reading Dlisted and Perez Hilton everyday is bizarre, at best. I've long since overcome the awkward phase each girl goes through with being a bit too in love with a hot actor. (Ohhh Matt Damon, how I loved thee...) What I like about these gossip blogs is the snark and sarcasm. And the funny YouTube videos Michael K and Perez post from time to time.

The video below is on Perez Hilton:

I'm a sucker for seeing strangers interact with each other instead of trying to avoid each others' gazes. And I'm an even bigger sucker for dancing in public.

This video triggered the memory of a day I haven't thought of in a while...

When I was still in undergrad, the Steelers played their first season at Heinz Field and at the first game my dad and I went to that season, there was a live band playing in the Great Hall where all of the Steelers' memorabilia and Super Bowl trophies are.

My dad, being the Mr. Bojangles that he is was caught up by the magical beat of this local band of old guys playing "Brown Eyed Girl." And while we were standing in line for a Primanti's, he grabbed my hand, twirled me around and we danced to "Brown Eyed Girl" in front of hundreds of strangers.

To this day, it's dancing with my dad at a Steelers' game on a random Sunday in Pittsburgh that is the singular reason that I want a traditional wedding someday so my dad can walk me down an aisle and so we can dance to "Brown Eyed Girl" at my wedding reception.

... all that... triggered by something I saw on a gossip blog.

::PT smiles::

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"...then I ask you now, what's a girl to do?..."


Yesterday, my Dad and my sister Sara and I went to Klavon's for lunch.

Call me a simpleton, but I love love LOVE this ice cream parlor. They have exactly 3 choices for lunch: Italian hoagie, chicken salad sandwich on a croissant or soup. And of course, they have an amazing ice cream treat menu. Best of all, they make old school sodas. Soda water, coke syrup and a flavor. The vanilla coke is something out of heaven.

Klavon's is right across the street from my dad's office building in the Strip District. Whenever he's in the office and Sar and I can slack off in the middle of the day, we find ways to finagle him into taking us there for lunch.

The news of monday has made me slow down and really feel things. Sitting in the ice cream parlor with my dad and sister for lunch, picking out penny candy after we ate and laughing at nerdy jokes as we walked back to our cars made me so happy.

I'm a sap. I'm sure this is not news to any of you. You should all know this by now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"...They say it's your birthday..."

Today is Jason's birthday.

He seems to be as nonchalant about birthdays as I am. Which I have to admit is a bit of a relief.

He's completely content to just go out to dinner, have some cake and open a couple of presents. No big bar crawl, no drunken party, no "oooo look at me it's my birthday" action. (Another of the many, many reasons he and I are such a good fit.)

Given yesterday's dramatics, I can't think of a better time to go treat us to a funky dinner at The Church Brew Works to celebrate his 31st birthday. The poor bunny had to get the news about my girly bits last night and has had the forrowed-brow-worried-look ever since.

So. I'm looking forward to the happy distraction tonight. As, I'm sure, is he.

PS - Books really make the best gifts. And I'm not just saying that because I'm the daughter and sister of two librarians. Something I enjoy (maybe a little too much) is going to a bookstore and thinking about what books the people I love would like. But then again, I'm a bookworm. So.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"...All we can do is keep breathing..."

This morning I found myself at a loss for blog topics.

My gynocologist's office called me this afternoon and gave me a topic.

Cervical cancer.

I had my annual check up last week. The lovely RN/PA/CRNP lady called me to tell me that my pap smear came back abnormal.

I started to cry. She told me to keep breathing.

In two weeks I go back to Magee Women's Hospital for a diagnostic cervical cancer test to biopsy the abnormal cells.

The lovely doctor's office lady was kind and gentle and told me that she'd tell me when to worry.

She said not to start worrying yet.

So, here I sit... thinking about how I'm supposed to not start worrying. Yet.

::PT wanders into the back room of her shop for more Kleenex::

Sunday, January 11, 2009

..."In your red lipstick and lilac kerchief you're the most pretty lady in the world..."

::PT waves to fashionista0921, knowing that this type of post is her usually territory::

The other day I wandered into Designer Days Boutique on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside. Having walked past it frequently on my trips to Salon 5844, I always meant to stop in but never did until this week.

It's your usual consignment shop in many ways. You have to dig for the good stuff and you have to have patience. I tracked down this cute pink angora hair capelet. I'm pretty stoked about that.

What makes Designer Days different from most other consignment shops I've been to is that it is actually a non-profit store. 100% of their proceeds go to women's and children's charities around the Pittsburgh area.

The $35 dollars I spent for my new-to-me capelet is going directly towards making the life of a woman or child better in Pittsburgh. The usual guilt I'm wracked with after shopping never set in.

They've got some seriously cute jewelry and random bits to finish out outfits. Go check it out and smile knowing that Pittsburgh is a cool and progressive place. You just have to know where to look.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I've been roamin' around, always lookin down at what I see..."

I must share this fabulous tidbit with all of you...

Most of you know I work 10 hr shifts by myself in my store. While there is almost always something to do, lately I have been caught up with all of my chores -- even the irritating chores I put off for days...

As a result, the internet becomes my best friend on long winter days. And finding ways to build up my wardrobe, cheaply, has been my goal lately.

As such... I present to you.... Gomatta Girls! They sell one item per day at a price that makes it a steal! Sometimes I fall in love, sometimes I don't. And that's part of the fun.

Imagine my happiness when I logged on to the website this morning to find that today's steal was a Saint Grace dress. S-W-O-O-N. Instantly in love. For $28.90!

Check. It. Out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"... the book of love has music in it..."

PT is the newest contributor to Book Me In , a blogging community for book lovers!

Book Me In is great place to get an honest review of popular books and I'm all sorts of excited to be a part of it!

Check out my first book review here!

Monday, January 5, 2009

"...'cause it's easy once you know how it's done..."

I just found out that I am now ABO Certified! I took my certification exam in November and just got my results. Yay me!

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means I earn more respect from my employers and it proves that I'm a skilled employee. Good things all around.

The sun is out today too. Which is also good.

Yay for good news and good moods!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"...for you I'd wait til kingdom come..."

You know what's nice?

When you're running late and end up speeding to get somewhere and you call your plus one to tell them "Fuck it, nevermind, I don't want you to have to wait for me" and your +1 tells you "Take your time. Just be careful. I could wait for you forever."

That's nice.