Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"...rain, feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my window pane..."

The other day, we had some crazy bad weather here in Pittsburgh. Cold, icy, snowy weather.

Jason had my car that day because his bike wouldn't start that morning. So he dropped me off at work and used my car to get to work and do his errands after he got off.

As the weather deteriorated and Walnut Street became a sheet of ice, I was so thankful that I didn't have to worry about driving home that night.

Around 5 when he got off work, Jason called. I was convinced he was going to tell me he got into an accident because of the roads.

The conversation transpired as such:

"When is the last time you got new windsheild wiper blades on your car?"


"Are you serious?"

"Yes. But in my defense, I've only owned that car since last summer."

"How long do you think wiper blades last?"

"I dunno, like five years?"

"I'm going to the auto parts store. I'll see you at 8."

Practical gifts make smile. And I have to say, these new windshield wipers work so much better than my old ones. Who knew that "car maintanence" isn't just putting gas in it?

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