Saturday, December 27, 2008

"...Over and out she sang as the telephone rang..."

Christmas has, of course, come and gone too fast. But as far as Christmas goes, 2008 was an excellent one.

I seem to have gotten a touch of the flu and wasn't able to eat my weight in fancy holiday food, but even a bit of sickness wasn't enough to dampen things.

I'm extraordinarily lucky to have such an amazing family and boyfriend. And I'm doubly lucky to have been able to have four days off to spend with them during Christmas.

I've been trying to think of stories from Christmas that made me laugh. It might be the flu medicine I've been taking, but I can't point to any one thing in particular that made me smile on Christmas -- just a general sense of peace and happiness that lasted all day is the only thing I can report.

Some of the most entertaining bits happened the day after Christmas at Ma and Dad's house when we plugged in the new Wii they got Sara and I. Damn entertaining that Wii is...

In addition to the Wii, Sara and I also mutually received a wine cellar for our house.

As such, we've decided that we will now have WWF Wednesdays at our house... no, there won't be a staged wrestling match... It's Wino, Wii and Fondue Wednesday.

You're officially invited. :-)

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