Monday, November 17, 2008

"...the wind plays with the leaves, the weather turns colder..."

I woke up this morning, still cuddled under the blankets, and looked outside to find snow clinging to the trees and flurries flying through the air.

And in that split second... you know... right after you wake up when you're really not sure what day it is and what you're supposed to do with your new day? Well in that moment, I really thought it was Christmas morning.

I was warm, I was well rested and I was being held. Christmas morning indeed.

It is of course mid-November, not Christmas morning. And ever since I got out of bed today, I've been cold. The sprinkling of snow on the ground has melted...

...But it's still flurrying outside and I can still feel that warm, happy feeling I had this morning.

And now I think I'm finally ready for the holiday season.

Also, check out these awesome bangles!


They're available online at I want one! It's the perfect kind of bracelet to wear on top of a tight fitting sweater to give it some kick and I totally want one with the outfit I'm wearing right now!


Alex said...

I thought it was Christmas morning recently, too. Mine was on November 4, when I was so excited to vote, I could hardly sleep.

Peace Turkey said...

I feel you on that one... And it was so exciting that the person I voted for won. First time that's happened in a presidential election!