Thursday, November 20, 2008

"...There's a corner of your heart...for... me..."

Yesterday, the lovely Ushmama and I were discussing things we can't live without. Namely cheese and chocolate. We agreed that we just don't understand people who aren't extremely pleased by chocolate. Like, most guys, for example, couldn't care less about a candy bar. Most women on the other hand, would eat a king sized candy bar instead of their dinner if they thought no one would find out about it.

I've tried giving up chocolate for Lent, for New Year's Resolutions... it's never lasted more than a week. Maximum. This leads me to conclude that we shouldn't feel bad about liking the things we like. Social norms tell we human beings, especially women, that we should feel bad about enjoying things that are "bad for us" or "fattening" or "a waste of time." On the contrary, I think we should embrace the things we like, whether it's food or trashy romance novels or a nice night alone in front of the tv when you watch that really embarrassing show you don't want anyone to know you LOVE (I'll admit mine - Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.) Doing the things you love and WANT to do or eating a decent piece of chocolate once in a while balances all of the bland, boring things we HAVE to do everyday.

Here is my top 5 list of things I enjoy immensely from time to time and refuse to feel guilty/dumb about:

1. Chocolate (Obvs)
2. Belva Plain novels
3. Children's activities - i.e. coloring, reading picture books, carving pumpkins, getting really wound up on Christmas Eve, animated movies... etc, etc.
4. Paying alot of money to get my hair done
5. Eating a really, really late fancy dinner and then going to bed with a belly full of yumminess.

There you have it. I am a chocolate-loving, romance novel reading, pumpkin-carving, fancy-dinner-eating woman. Shammmmmmmmmmmme! ;-)

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