Thursday, September 11, 2008

"...I lower my eyes wishing I could cry more and care less..."

So it's been seven years since the September 11th attacks on the United States. We all remember where we were. We all remember how it felt... how afraid we all were. The most poignant memory I have of that day happened just as I was realizing what was going on.

I'll always remember that September 11th, 2001 was a Tuesday because I had a 9am - 10:15am class, my first feminist theory class at Pitt. I never turned the TV on or fired up my laptop before that early class. I walked to class not knowing anything had happened at 8:45... No one sitting in class had any idea something was going on either. I got back to the dorm room Sara and I shared just as the North Tower was falling at 10:30. Sara was sitting on her bed with her laptop, white as a ghost. As I came through the door, she didn't say anything, just pointed at the tv. I started to cry and looked back at her. She turned her laptop around to show me the screen - the front page. It was completely white with one picture of the damaged New York City Skyline and one headline that read "Under Attack." There was no other copy, no advertisements, no other pictures.

Alot of things went on that day. I'm sure the rest of classes were cancelled. I'm sure I talked to alot of friends who were at other college campuses around the country. And I do remember that after we knew it was all over and after we talked to our parents, our Dad came and picked us up from our dorm and took us home for the night, where we sat and cried and watched CNN for hours.

But the look on Sara's face and the look of the frontpage are most prominent sensory memories about September 11th that sneak up on me sometimes. And even after seven years, when those memories flash through my mind on another anniversary of September 11th or when someone talks about where they were.... those memories still make me weepy.

Today is no exception.

Last night, Keith Olbermann made a special comment about September 11th and what the Republicans have turned it into... "9/11(TM)." Click here to read or watch Mr. Olbermann's amazing emotional and firey special comment. This man gives me goosebumps and consistently moves me to tears.

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