Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"...there goes my hero..."

Today, the lovely Poox2000 and I met Hillary Clinton.

She held a rally at my alma mater, Hopewell High School (home of the undefeated Fall 2000 Lady Viking Tennis Team) in Aliquippa. She was lovely and tiny and soft-spoken and endearing. Anyone who has not heard her speak should try to do so while she is stumping in PA.

Here are some key points she talked about today. The NYT Politics Blog had this to say about her speech.

McCain is going to regret that "100 years" remark. If the Iraq war went on that long, do you think the US would still be able to remain aloof from the ICC? Would still be able to avoid being charged by an International Criminal Tribunal with war crimes? Would still be a super power?

I would answer no to all three of those questions, particularly the question about war crimes. Can you imagine how the war crimes and crimes against humanity would pile up in the next 100 years? Just the charges brought on by all the torturing would be enough to fill the Hague for another 100 years.

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Roy Nickerson said...

"Should I stay or should I go?": "As we redeploy our troops from Iraq, we must not let down our guard against terrorism. I will order specialized units to engage in targeted operations against al Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorist organizations in the region. These units will also provide security for U.S. troops and personnel in Iraq and train and equip Iraqi security services to keep order and promote stability in the country, but only to the extent that such training is actually working. I will also consider leaving some forces in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq in order to protect the fragile but real democracy and relative peace and security that have developed there, but with the clear understanding that the terrorist organization the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) must be dealt with and the Turkish border must be respected."--Hillary Clinton, Foreign Affairs November/December 2007.

Talk about hedging your bets. PT, you may think Ms. Rodham-Clinton's plan is terribly different from what is going on right now, but table your idealism. It's not. The specially trained units are called Transition Teams (TTs) that already exist and have been deployed in Iraq for years already. There is a plan to have over two more divisions worth in the near future. The count isn't that much different than what's in Iraq right now.

Barack Obama's position? "We should leave behind only a minimal over-the-horizon military force in the region to protect American personnel and facilities, continue training Iraqi security forces, and root out al Qaeda." Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007
Translation--the same.

Get real cozy with the idea of having forces in Iraq. And the rest of McCain's "100 Years" remark was "We've been in Japan for 60 years. We've been in South Korea for 50 years or so. That would be fine with me, as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed."

Before you paint me as a neo-con warmonger, realize I'm more distraught than you are at the candidates' views on Iraq. I'll be one of the guys they will deploy.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may not have said 100 years in Iraq; they're just saying eight. They're just not saying it to the general public.