Sunday, March 2, 2008

"And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives... where we gonna be when we're 25..."

Lately all I can think about is graduation... with every assignment I complete, I think "well, I'll never have to do that again..." Such a bad attitude. But at least I'm honest about it.

It's quite ironic, though, that I just realized that the deadline to apply for graduation was Friday. Did I apply? Of course not.

Also? Let's not forget that I still haven't passed the evil, hateful, terror-inspiring, anger-evoking, wretched, wretched class that is Macroeconomics.


Speaking of rage, anyone who graduated from high school in 2000 or later is going to hate me for this... but here you go. :-)

Good luck trying to get that song out of your head.

Who wants to go to Shady Grove on Wednesday again and drink wine to celebrate Spring Break?


Poox2000 said...

Macro's rough. Want my notes etc? I'd offer to help you but I feel lucky to have passed.

I'm down with the Grove on Weds. Just don't let me drink a whole bottle of wine again-- I can't spend my Russia class wanting to puke again. I have to present and all :)

Oh, and this is *my* favourite graduation song.

"keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements."

Becky said...

Ok, so I graduated before then, so thank God I don't know that song. I'm in for Wednesday though. And also, please don't let me drink as much as last time either. I babble after too much wine. (And I do consider this another birthday celebration...just warning you).