Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I can has blog?

Like any good member of the internet community, I have fallen victim to the charms of LOLcats. After this post, I promise I will not purposefully use incorrect grammar and I will make a valiant effort not to anthropomorphize animals or inanimate objects (as I am often wont to do.)

Since the topic of this blog is to be about all of the aspects, effects, drawbacks, shortcomings, etc of the rules of war and international humanitarian law I thought it would be fitting to take this moment to sum up my thoughts about war. Those thoughts shall be expressed via one of my favorite LOLcats in recent memory:


I promise that from now on I'll be serious. Until things get too depressing for me while talking about war crimes, crimes against humanity, war and general awfulness. In which case, I'm going to start posting LOLcats again.

Welcome to my blog, where I hope you are all craving a turkey sandwich with cranberry dressing when you leave. Unless you are/are trying to become a vegetarian. In which case, I hope you have daydreams about Tofurkey sandwiches. :-)

Hugs and peace,



Poox2000 said...

Tofurkey? Fail.

Becky said...

I'm ok with Tofurkey. It's not terrible...although I'm not a vegetarian and I can have the real thing if I want!

Also, LOLcats=awesome.