Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A humanitarian crisis in sheep's clothing

Israel. Gaza and Hamas. More political violence. More human suffering. Now with Egypt/Gaza border breaches for added stressors!

For as many complicated international political situations about which I do actually have a pretty thorough understanding, the Israel/Palestinian conflict is a source of constant befuddlement for me. And I'm pretty insecure about that. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict plagues me in much the same way that the study of economics plagues me - I get it if someone sits me down and talks to me like I'm a slow learner, but try to get me to explain it or apply it and forget it. Let's talk about post-Colonization African inter- and intrastate wars. Much simpler. Well, not simpler... never mind. Bad example...


This article from the BCC is, I'm sure, oversimplifying the situation but I feel as though it has importance since there is particular attention paid to a situation that could easily become a humanitarian disaster in the coming days.

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